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The World of AR Technology - 80 Level Podcast

April 20, 2023 Kirill Tokarev / Lauren Cason / Ehren Natay Season 3 Episode 6
80 Level Podcast
The World of AR Technology - 80 Level Podcast
Show Notes

80LV had a talk with creative technologist Lauren Cason and multi-media artist Ehren Natay. Lauren and Ehren share their insights on various aspects of Augmented Reality and how it could transform the way we experience the world around us: from the available tools to the future outlook of technology. Guests also discuss the idea of the metaverse and how AR might connect with it and share some details about their newest project Ojos Diferentes.

8 New Mexican Indigenous, Norteño, and Chicana Artists reinterpreted monuments, tourist sites, and hidden historic locations throughout Santa Fe using Snap AR. Ojos Diferentes brings contemporary local art, rigorously researched history, and engaging discourse on topics such as tourism, colonization, manifest destiny, resilience, and conservation to anyone walking through downtown.

Learn more about Ojos Diferentes: https://www.ojosdiferentes.com/
Check out Lauren’s website: https://www.laurencason.com/
Check out Ehren’s website: http://www.ehrenkeenatay.com/

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